BIE (Building Inclusive Environment) Group

Any form of discrimination is strictly prohibited within the Company and is also illegal in the UK as per the Equality Act 2010, addressing discrimination is a societal issue and moral issue, and is one of the Company’s missions to address as part of our quality vision. We can improve the service we offer by actively promoting and supporting cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace environment, and we can even influence change in wider society.

Everyone within the Company is responsible for creating and maintaining an inclusive environment, however, in order to lead this across the Company, the ‘Building Inclusive Environment Group’ was created in July 2020. The group will actively research and create new initiatives and ideas that the Company can implement in order to support inclusivity. It will also be responsible for ensuring that cultural diversity and inclusivity is embedded within the Company, setting expectations of what the Company stands for and commit to sustained action both short and long term.

See below our BIE Meeting Minutes:

January 2021

If you would like to join this group don’t hesitate to email Micah at – The groups get together for an hour every month.

Read our BIE Terms of Reference.