Tops & Aspire recognises that colleague health and wellbeing is of great importance. So in 2007, the company set up a ‘Colleague Welfare Scheme’ to help colleagues with the cost of basic treatment such as dental and optical treatment. In addition to this a quick and free counselling support to colleagues who felt they needed a professional to talk to. Since then the company has grown and so have the benefits. The company can now proudly offer all colleagues:

  • Dental Treatment
  • Optical Care
  • N.H.S Prescription Charges
  • Counselling
  • Pay Day Sub
  • Bike Scheme
  • Colleague Support Fund
  • Company Pension
  • Up to 40% discount for Childcare within Tops Day Nurseries

Every team member also has access to a training allowance to allow them to expand their knowledge and progress their career, as well as a number of days designated to advancing their training.

We are very pleased that 80% of our team recognised our efforts to make sure workloads are appropriate, and deadlines set are realistic.  The health and wellbeing of each team member is very important to us!

90% of our colleagues agreed that healthy lifestyles are encouraged. We have numerous incentives to encourage healthiness at work, including our cycle to work scheme, which allows colleagues to take out an interest free loan to purchase a bike and accessories. The majority of our colleagues (70%) told us that the company benefits are of use to them.