Recruitment Manager Job Specification

Mission Statement for our families: Top Quality, sustainable childcare with flexible hours to suit your family

Mission Statement: Opportunity through training and mentorship, passionate about your success

Mission Statement for colleagues: Meaningful careers in a family atmosphere, making a difference to the community and to individual’s lives: supported by friendly, responsive, supportive, enabling manager and colleagues, and with a wide variety of training opportunities.

Expectations:     To recruit for L1 students, apprentices, agency and core colleagues, whilst understanding and accomplish the business goals and expectations. Taking on board company culture and understanding market trends within the childcare and training sector the company operates within.

Attributes for the role:                

Key Objectives Adhere to the 10 company characteristics and behaviours.

Design and implement a recruitment strategy that includes: Employer Brand, Growth Plans, Skills Audit, Flexibility to adapt quickly to change and expectations from the team in terms of Customer Service, Conversion, and Time to Hirer targets.

Ensure the team are proactive and reaching expected targets and goals.

Responsibilities Please refer to the job role list that is associated with your position.
CPD Keeping up to date with current practice and UK law

Attend relevant webinars, networking courses, conferences.

Developing recruitment knowledge and continue to learn and develop in areas of interest to you professionally.

Relevant Training Plan.

Essential Qualifications/Experience:


Minimum of 12 months experience of working in recruitment

Worked as a team leader or in previous managerial role

Strong track record of recruiting

Excellent Organisational, Leadership skills, communication and use of Microsoft packages and data systems.

Quick to pick up company systems

Ability to develop a team in order to fulfil expectations and targets

Additional Qualifications and Experience Prepared to undertake professional development as appropriate, including specific training.


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