5 tips to help you move into a new career

Are you looking to take a leap into a new career? Maybe you’ve been unhappy for a long time in the job you’re in, or perhaps you’re a mum who’s looking to get back into work. Whatever your reasoning is, we offer 5 top tips below to help you transition into the job you really want.

  1. Do your research

Whether you’re working full time or taking care of children, it can be hard to find the time to sit down and figure out what you really want to do for a job. However, it’s important to find out as much information as possible about the role/industry you’d like to go into. The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be for when it comes to pinning down the job you want.

  1. Take baby steps

Once you’ve decided what you’d like to do, take a daily small action which will bring you closer to your goal. Lots of people decide to leave actions until their weekend, and then end up getting distracted and don’t end up doing them! Instead, squeeze a 10 minute task into your lunch break or commute, such as finding a local course or contacting someone who works in the industry.

  1. Tailor your application

Sending off dozens of generic job applications can be counterproductive. Firstly, you may be wasting your time on jobs that you are under or over-qualified for. Most importantly, however, recruiters can spot a generic application a mile off! It’s far better to limit yourself only to jobs that you’re certain would be a good fit for you, and take the time to tailor your application to the company before you send it. Researching the company prior to starting your application will make it much easier to write!

  1. Build your network

Use professional platforms such as Linkedin to your advantage by connecting with people working in the industry you’d like to move into. By building up your list of contacts in this way, you could meet someone who’d be able to recommend you for a role in their organisation or who can help you carry out key job interview preparation. Jobs are also advertised on LinkedIn, so you might just find the role for you!

  1. Be patient

The process of moving into a new job can take months, so don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t seen any progress after a few weeks.

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