Training and CPD

Training at Tops & Aspire

Training and continuous professional development is promoted throughout Tops & Aspire as we want you to grow and expand your skillset to help you in your job role.

We also welcome you to go onto higher qualification within your relevant professional area and support colleagues financially in order to fulfil this ambition. We support colleagues with 32 days paid training prorated each year in order to help you develop and grow within your role.


Tops are fortunate enough to have a sister company Aspire Training Team that delivers in house training funded through apprenticeship and other government funded training, which is delivered across the Tops family covering L2, L3, and L5 in childcare and L2, L3 business admin as well as team leading and customer service to Tops colleagues but also colleagues in other nurseries and businesses. Aspire welcome pre-apprenticeship learners, “Level 1s” to help orientate young people into work, and also offer a range of e-learning courses on a wide range of relevant subjects to all in the sector

We also have a small team exclusive to Tops, headed up by the MD and Operations team, who deliver training directly to colleagues to support them in their work. Our colleagues have access to a world class level of training and support, up to 33 days of paid training per year as well as support for unpaid training and experiences too.

Annual Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Every colleague is expected to continually professionally develop themselves and each year undertake a CPD meeting with their line manager, in order to ensure future aspirations, support and objectives for the year ahead are agreed and set.

ITC (The Tops Introduction to Childcare)

trainee manager

The Tops Introduction to Childcare (ITC) is week’s course that is undertaken prior to an apprentice or a colleague that is new to Early Years, the course covers:

  • Safeguarding
  • Food Hygiene
  • Communication
  • Health and Safety
  • Equality and inclusion
  • Child development and play