We provide care for every stage; from children in Tops Day Nurseries, young people and colleagues through Aspire Training Team.

It’s important, not only to provide care but also outstanding, quality care for the children, learners and residents. This ethos runs through the company, the colleagues and the environment for our future generations.

The Vision and Values as a company cover many areas for us to achieve this outstanding delivery…



Great colleagues

As with all companies, colleagues are the foundation. By supporting all colleagues to be professional, caring, happy, positive and forward thinking to be the best they possibly can be.

Aspire Training Team is an integral part of the business, which means extensive training opportunities can be offered.

Appreciation to all colleagues is provided in a variety of ways and on a daily basis; with thank you notes, Job Well Done certificates and “ABCD” (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty) Awards.

On the first Thursday of each month “Thank You Thursdays” are held where colleagues are recognised on Facebook and holding annual Awards Nights to reward individual colleagues for their dedication throughout the year.

Proud of our environment

2016 saw Tops Day Nurseries and Aspire Training Team make many changes to their working practices.

By moving towards improved environmental initiatives, making the company more sustainable by changing our printer settings, installing heat timers and light sensors as well as energy-saving magnets to our gas boilers and water mains.

These magnets work to burn fuel more efficiently and reduce limescale to ensure the equipment lasts longer.

Being proud of the environment doesn’t just mean being green but also making the nurseries a calm, happy and interesting place to be.

For the children ensuring their basic needs and expectations are not only met but exceeded and encouraging colleagues to be excellent role models.

Click here to look at other steps we’ve been taking to become a sustainable company.

Outstanding external recognition

Being recognised by external organisations is important for growth and success, providing evidence that the results produced are what is being claimed. Each of the nurseries is rated by Ofsted on a regular basis, normally every 3 years. To ensure standards are kept to the highest levels by also conducting formal internal inspections each year.

Tops Day Nurseries –  The areas that Ofsted will review include the quality of teaching, learning and assessment; outcomes for children; personal development, behaviours and welfare; and finally the effectiveness of the leadership and managers.

Aspire Training Team has received some of the highest accolades available to training and apprenticeship providers, including the Beacon Award for Training Excellence, the matrix standard, recognition from Investors in People and top grades from City & Guilds. To find out more about what each of these means to businesses and learners, visit the Aspire Training Team blog.

Sustainable expansion

Since launching the first Tops Day Nursery in 1990, the company now have over 30 day nurseries, a training provider providing over 100 apprentices to our own, and external companies and all aspects continue to grow.

By providing flexible childcare to areas across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Devon and Somerset where no current provision is available, not only creating childcare spaces to enable parents to return to work, but also to create employment.



Continuously improving & adapting

In today’s world, technology is something you cannot escape from. For this reason in 2015 Tops Day Nurseries and Aspire Training Team implemented digital tables into the nurseries.

Whilst firm believers that children develop and learn best by taking part in activities inside and out, they will grow up with technology as an integral part of their lives. By taking this as a responsibility to introduce them to the latest learning methods during their early years.

Tops Day Nurseries and Aspire Training Team has also introduced new systems into the Head Office building, to ensure colleagues can work smarter and not harder to produce the same results. It’s also important that the company adapts as necessary to ensure the best for the children, learners and residents.In 2016 launching no added sugar menus following announcements during 2015 that childhood obesity is at its highest level. By providing healthy menus for the children in each nursery, they can start to learn about healthy foods and take that information home to their parents.

To be able to deliver on these visions, each member of the team must work towards the same values:

  • Be Fair in our dealings with each other, our customers and suppliers;
  • To ensure everyone has autonomy at an appropriate level;
  • To be certain of a positive future;
  • To ensure everyone knows they are important to the organisation.