New to the Family?

Induction Programme

Every colleague will undertake a 12 week induction programme which will include a health and safety ‘Go find’ and you will be introduced to main colleagues within your setting who hold extra responsibilities, you will be given time with these colleagues to talk through their role within your site and how they can support or help you with various aspects within your role across your first 12 weeks. New colleagues will be supported by a Buddy (with specific training) when possible.

A Guide to Starting Successfully in a New Job

We all want to succeed at work, and when you start a new job you have a one-time-only opportunity to hit the ground running and work towards any career goals you might have.

At the same time, you need to feel oriented in your new role, get to grips with the company culture, and start making those friendships and working relationships that will serve you well in the future.

You might feel daunted by your first day in a new job even as a professional in your industry or you might love the chance to dive into new chances and challenges.

Either way, here are a few things to keep in mind when starting your new job, which should help you to be more successful over your first days, weeks and months in the role.

Understand your New Role

Make sure you understand what is expected of you in your role. You can do this by giving a careful read through all information you have been provided about the role:

  • The initial job ad and job description.
  • Your contract and particulars of employment.
  • Any introductory/orientation materials given to you.

Ask your new colleagues if you have any questions about how performance and success is measured, and what management expectations are.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask your manager directly.

Be Organised

Make sure you are organised before your first day. This includes; planning your commute so you don’t arrive late, making sure you have all necessary equipment, deciding what to wear the night before and anything else you can think of that’ll make you less stressed on the day.



Senior Area Manager

How to Break the Ice

Your manager will introduce you to your team, but you can take the initiative to start building some rapport too, especially with the people you’ll be working most closely alongside.

Some options to achieve this include:

  • Ask if you can join your team members on tea/coffee breaks or lunch
  • Use your own job title and responsibilities to guide conversation
  • Learn more about your team’s goals and how you can help achieve them
  • Listen actively, by paying attention, noting key words and asking questions

Ask for Help

Make sure you go to your manager or a relevant colleague when you need help. From simple things like logging into your computer to complex technical issues; asking is always better than ignoring the problem and wasting time. To help you remember the answers to your questions you should write them down in your notebook.

And remember, it’s normal to ask for help, no one expects you to know everything!

Keep it Going

Success doesn’t usually happen overnight, and might be a case of making small gains rather than delivering a single step change.

Learn to identify when you are making progress, however small, and to build that momentum to keep your team moving forwards, even if others around you are not convinced.

It’s this kind of optimism and charisma that will eventually help you to succeed in a leadership role, but should also serve you well right from the start when you join a new company.