Sustainability Updates

Tops & Aspire have been taking steps to become a sustainable company.

What Tops & Aspire Are Doing...

  • Making more use of occupancy and daylight sensors
  • Changing light bulbs from fluorescent to LED
  • Installing more time clocks and thermostats
  • Fitting draught excluders to external doors and windows
  • Encouragement from our colleagues to take up the Cycle To Work scheme
  • Replacing outdated equipment with more energy-efficient and cost-effective equivalents
  • Staff are aware of the cost of energy and the impact this has on the profitability of the business
  • Staff are aware of the energy-saving settings on office equipment
  • Share energy saving schemes and appliances.
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What Tops Day Nurseries Are Doing...

  • Banned glitter to reduce the impact micro-plastics have in our oceans
  • Bamboo toothbrushes to replace plastic ones
  • Replacing disposable aprons with fabric and wipe-down materials
  •  Stopped buying straws or balloons or one use plastic cups, cutlery or plates
  • Planting vegetables in the nursery garden
  • Investing in Solar Panels and heat reflective filming
  • Electric cars and bicycles for staff to use
  • Magnets fitted to boilers to control heating more efficiently
  • Reduced the amount of welcome packs handed out to new parents by sending them via email
  • Making our own wet wipes instead of using shop bought wipes
  • Recycling and up-cycling resources, shopping at charity shops, car boot sales and auctions
  • Reducing the amount of deliveries
  • Potty training at an earlier age to  reduce the amount of nappies in landfill
  • Launched and sponsored a new sustainability award alongside Dorset Venus Awards for 2018
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Tops is a B. Corp Business

B Corporation (or B. Corp) are businesses that live the highest social and environmental standards for people and the planet. Tops were assessed and audited against demanding standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. There are currently over 3,500 B. Corps in 150 industries and 70 countries across the globe and Tops Day Nurseries has become the first Day Nursery in the UK to become a certified B. Corp business.

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Key Performance Indicator Reports

Due to our sustainability vision, mission, and values and receiving B.Corp accreditation we have to ensure that we are being as transparent as we can, as a result, below are our quarterly reports on how we are doing with our key performance indicators in the three main areas, Financial, Social, and Environmental:

What Aspire Are Doing...

  • Introducing plants into the office
  • Reducing printing by introducing dual screens and an online learner portal
  • Fitting magnets and timers on boilers and electrical equipment to save energy
  • Offering support for health and well-being to learners
  • Employer and learner gifts are made from recyclable or biodegradable substances
  • Wooden pens
  • Staff are provided with bamboo lanyards, rather than those made from synthetic materials
  • Staff are provided with a travel mug to avoid the use of one-use plastic cups
  • Locate vacancies to apprentices in their local area
  • Sponsored Queen Elizabeth’s school mini buses to reduce the amount of trips made in cars
  • Sustainability is taught to learners during workshops
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