Celebrating our Staff

Our colleagues are like family, which is why we have put a number of activities in place to ensure our colleagues are recognised and appreciated. Have a look below to see what we do to celebrate our staff…

Colleague Awards Night

Every year the company hosts a night to celebrate and thank colleagues who have gone above and beyond the call of duty – ABCD Awards night. Every colleague is invited to the evening with the option of purchasing a plus 1 ticket to the event. Prior to the evening every setting is given the opportunity to nominate a fellow colleague who they feel has gone above and beyond and deserves to win their settings ABCD award. The person with the most nominations overall will be presented with a branded certificate and an engraved award. The whole evening is a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow colleagues, celebrate and have a great party!



Point Systems

JWD (Job Well Done)-  You can be nominated for a JWD award by other colleagues. This award is for colleagues who has completed a job or task that deserves recognition in the form of a thank you for a job well done. A JWD is worth 1 point and is added to your eyMan account. The report is checked each month and when you have reached 5 points you will receive a £5 Amazon voucher via email. As well as earning points, colleagues will also receive a certificate to recognise their achievement.


ABCD Award- This award is for colleagues who have gone above and beyond call of duty in their role which deserves high recognition than a JWD. Colleagues will also receive a certificate stating reasons why they have deserved this award. Each ABCD is worth 2 points and the points for the awards attached will be added to your eyMan account by a member of the team. We check the points report monthly and when you have received 5 points you will receive a £5 Amazon voucher.

There are also awards for 100% attendance at work presented once a year.

Thank you Notes

Every site has available ‘thank you’ notes. Any colleagues can leave a ‘thank you’ note for a colleague. The notes should be used to say ‘thank you’ and not designed to be used for making notes, taking messages etc.

Every month we run  Thank you Thursday on our closed Facebook page, search on Facebook for us at: “Tops and Aspire Colleagues Group”