Early Years Wellbeing Week 2021

Early Years Wellbeing Week 2021, 4-10 October shines a spotlight on mental health and wellbeing for the sector as we seek to raise awareness, educate, influence and inform. The theme for #EYWellbeingWeek is “This Is Me” and it links to the theme of World Mental Health Day on Sunday 10 October, mental health in an unequal world.

The idea behind the theme “This Is Me”  for Early Years Wellbeing Week 2021 is to empower and enable our early years colleagues to share and celebrate intersections of their identity. Taking the time to get to know each other on a deeper level, will foster inclusion and belonging. This way of thinking and working will enable genuine and authentic connections with each other and after an unprecedented time of challenge and uncertainty, allow us to cultivate a community of care.

At Tops & Aspire we have mental health reps across Tops, Head Office and Aspire Training Team who are there to support colleagues should they need any help with issues surrounding mental health and their wellbeing. We have meetings every couple of months to discuss issues/topics that may have arisen during the last few months. This is done confidentially, mentioning no names and no judgement, so that we can learn from each other. To find out more about our Mental Health Support click here. 

We also offer our colleagues additional training in Mental Health and Wellbeing. Some courses include;

Not only do these courses create awareness of mental health so that our staff can help others but it can also help them to understand it for themselves and teach them ways to process it and get the right support they need.


Want to find out how Tops Day Nurseries support young children’s wellbeing? Click here. 

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