Why Hadland Care Group chose Bespoke Utilities

Bespoke Utilities were appointed after a rigorous tendering process by Hadland Care group who wanted to find a specialist energy consultancy that offered them 100% renewable energy at a competitive price as well as having a fully managed solution for their energy requirements. Bespoke Utilities have got a successful track record in not only sourcing renewable gas and power, but also assisting clients in the reduction of consumption through various methods.

Bespoke Utilities tendered to the whole of the energy market and obtained prices from multiple suppliers in April 2017. They analysed all types of products and managed to source a price from a specialist supplier that was a 100% renewable solution at the same price of a normal ‘brown’ product. Within the product that was sourced, Bespoke Utilities also arranged installation of AMR meters across the whole portfolio. This means that every meter in the portfolio would be read automatically and billed on actual reads, this increases the accuracy of billing and makes consumption analysis work much easier to carry out.

The product that was secured was a 24-month contract. The supplier that was chosen offers a product where 100% of the electricity for all 27 of Hadland Care Groups supplies is sourced from generation that has been accredited as renewable power by OFGEM. The electricity is from a combination of sources including biomass, solar and wind.

In addition to sourcing this renewable power, Bespoke Utilities offer an ongoing service to Hadland Care Group which includes:

  • Bill validation – every invoice that is received is reviewed and checked for errors.
  • Consumption analysis – Bespoke Utilities send monthly consumption reports to Hadland Care Group to analyse and try and assist in reducing consumptions across all sites.
  • Query Management – Bespoke Utilities handle any billing/metering issues direct with the energy companies.

Jeff Everett, Commercial Director of Hadland Care Group had the following to say:

 “Following a thorough tendering process to appoint a new consultant, we chose Bespoke Utilities because they were transparent with their pricing and they showed an appetite and desire to deliver to us all of our requirements. They developed a procurement strategy that suited us and went to the whole energy market and gave us renewable quotes at very competitive prices. Their quotes included the installation of AMR meters in all of our properties as well as assisting us with invoice validation and budgeting. They have also helped us a great deal with our ESOS requirements.

We have a large portfolio of gas and power contracts and could be happier with the service they provide. We would recommend Bespoke Utilities to any business looking to work with a transparent and trustworthy consultancy who focus on delivering their clients exactly what they want”

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