Hadland Care Group earn three peas for their pod!

We’re going green!  As part of our commitment to a better environment for ours and our children’s futures we have joined the Green Positive Environmental Action (PEA) scheme.  This gives us clear goals to achieve along our journey to earning five peas in our pod; a milestone we’re keen to reach over 2016/17.

To reward us for our work so far, on Thursday 3rd March our Managing Director, Cheryl Hadland, was presented with a certificate from Green PEA for our third pea.

Hadland Care Group makes up a family of three other companies; Tops Day Nurseries, Aspire Training Team and Reside Care Homes.  We started working with Green Pea at the end of 2015 in a bid to reduce our carbon emissions as well as our energy costs so we could re-invest any savings we make into more efficient equipment.  The first step was to ensure support from our senior management team.

“Having support from our team of directors was a crucial part to starting our journey with Green PEA,” comments Cheryl.  “Without the managers understanding why we are working towards this goal, it would have been impossible for us to encourage our employees to also buy-in to the project.”

Taking the jump from the first pea to their third pea, it was crucial that we could show our high level of staff engagement and commitment to making changes.  “With over 500 employees across the group, we needed to have a clear and concise policy for them to be able to read and digest in the best way,” explains Cheryl.  “We have therefore re-written our Environmental Policy to include specific references to actively conserving energy.  All staff meetings will now also include discusses any changes that have been made, as well as new ideas on how we can save energy across the group.  Having this level of involvement with our employees is crucial for them to feel part of the change and that their opinions and ideas are valued.”

The group have made radical changes in the short time since joining Green Pea, from amending printer settings, installing timers of their heating equipment, making use of time and light sensors, as well as fitting fuel-saving magnets on all the gas and water mains across the nurseries and care homes.  The magnets are designed to make the fuel burn hotter in the gas boilers and consequently more efficiently, while on the water mains they will reduce lime scale which in turn will make them last longer.

Simon Harrison, Marketing Director for The Collective Group and Green PEA Director commented, “It is very encouraging to see the Hadland Care Group putting so much enthusiasm and commitment into tackling their energy usage. Green PEA was established to help and support organisations reduce their energy bills and their carbon footprint, and with companies such as Hadland supporting the scheme we are very optimistic Green PEA can continue to develop and grow.”

To find out more about the work Hadland Care Group have undertaken to work towards being more energy efficient you can visit their Going Green section, or you can visit the Green PEA website www.greenpeascheme.org.uk.

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