Hadland Care Group employees pampered for Back Care Awareness Week

National Back Care Awareness Week made us all sit up and take notice of how important our back health is and as part of the week our employees at Hadland Care Group head office were treated with free back massages.

It’s estimated that 80% of adults will experience back pain at some stage in their lives and the week this year focussing on one main cause of this; working in an office and sitting at a desk for long periods of time.  All office workers will be aware of the proper way to sit at their desk, however realistically this can be hard to achieve all day every day.  Back and shoulder problems have a significant impact on our quality of life and being able to carry out day-to-day duties.

Anita Kelly, a qualified masseur, was fully booked with our employees vying for a free treatment.  All staff were also issued with details to raise awareness of how back pain can be caused, as well as how to prevent these issues and guidance on matters such as desk posture, manual handling and lifting, plus much more.

Charlotte Percival, HR director at Hadland Care Group, commented: “It is really important to know how we sit whilst we are working at our desks, remembering to correct our posture. It’s been great to be able to offer this treat to our staff at head office, and for us to take note of how important it is for us to look after our backs.”

Working at Hadland Care Group offers many benefits, including events such as this.  If you’d like more information about joining our team, visit our Why Work For Us page here.

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