Hadland Care Group prepare for Employee Motivation Day

Showing our appreciation for our employees is a vital part of our role here at Hadland Care Group-; appreciated employees are motivated and happy ones, which leads to happy children, learners and residents.  That’s why on Employee Motivation Day this year in February we will be handing out hampers full of healthy treats for our staff to enjoy.

Over 500 staff were given baskets filled with fruit and healthy snacks from Hodmedod to enjoy in their staff meetings.  Charlotte Percival, HR Director at Hadland Care Group, organised the baskets and commented, “Healthy eating is a big focus for us this year at Hadland Care Group.  Our chain of nurseries, Tops Day Nurseries, will shortly be launching their new no-added sugar menus and Aspire Training Team are focussing on health and wellbeing for their learners to achieve the best they can.  That’s why our appreciation baskets were filled with healthy snacks to keep our staff motivated.  While we may choose a chocolate bar or bag of crisps over an apple for example, junk food or unhealthy snacks can have a big effect on our mood and productivity during the day while fruit is a natural source of energy, keeping up focussed and positive.”

Nick Saltmarsh, Managing Director for Hodmedod, commented, “Hodmedod works with farmers to develop fair and sustainable production and supply of British-grown pulses and grains. Our Roasted Beans and Peas make a healthier alternative to other snacks with less than a third the fat of roasted nuts. They’re full of protein and fibre too. Since its foundation in 2012 Hodmedod has striven to raise awareness of British-grown pulses and the contribution they can make to our health, nutrition and the environment. We’d like to thank Hadland Care Group for helping to spread our message to their employees.”

Cheryl Hadland, Managing Director of Hadland Care Group, said “Showing our employees how valued they are is part of our daily life at Hadland Care Group through our regular employee forums and questionnaires, and our annual Awards Night is a big part of every year.  As a growing company we’re keen that our employees grow with us.”

If you or someone you know would like a career within Hadland Care Group please email recruitment@topsandaspirecareers.co.uk or click here to browse our current job vacancies.  You can also find out more about Hodmedod on their website www.hodmedods.co.uk.

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