Leadership and Direction at Hadland Care Group

An internally conducted Colleague Survey measured over 200 colleague responses to find out more about the workforce that drives Hadland Care Group.

One area of the Colleague Survey focused on the effectiveness of leadership in paving the way forward to eco-sustainable practice.

At Hadland Care Group, one of our key visions is to lead the way to a brighter, greener future. We work hard to promote pride in our environment and increase awareness of the importance of sustainability. To see more about what Hadland Care Group are doing to increase environmental awareness, have a look at our Sustainability page.

Results of the Colleague Survey found that 93% of colleagues understood what the aims of the organisation are. Not only that, they believe these aims are positive goals. How could they not?

The vast majority of colleagues (95%) told us that they were clear on how they could contribute to these goals. We firmly believe that reaching a greener future, and preserving the wonders of our environment, is an effort everyone needs to help with. Understanding how to make an impact is an amazing first step on the journey!

It goes without saying that colleagues are the driving force behind a company.

It’s good news for us then that 87% of our workforce are proud to be a part of Hadland Care Group. A phenomenal 85% of colleagues would recommend us a great place to work. Why not take their advice and join our happy, sustainable family here?

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