Level 1 Student to Nursery Manager: Jasmine’s 7 year career journey with Tops Day Nurseries

Jasmine Hindle, Nursery Manager at Tops Day Nurseries (Winchester), has been with the company for 7 years and along the way has received the excellent training and career progression opportunities offered by Tops Day Nurseries and Jasmine has kindly shared her journey with us…

“I was always keen to have a career within the Childcare sector, however there was limited information at school regarding what a career in Childcare entails, the steps to get into this etc. Upon leaving school, I applied for a Level 1 Childcare course with Aspire Training Team at my local Tops Day Nursery in Winchester.

After I completed my Level 1 course I was keen to progress myself onto a Level 2 Childcare Apprenticeship with Aspire Training Team. Throughout my apprenticeship I was supported by my Nursery Manager and Assessor and was exposed to the different types of roles within Tops Day Nurseries, which sparked my keen interest to progress further with the company and I was even given the responsibility of being a ‘key person’ in the unit due to my continued efforts in the role.

As soon as I completed my Level 2 NVQ Apprenticeship I progress on to a Level 3 Childcare NVQ with Aspire Training Team. Once I completed my level 3 NVQ I applied for and was offered the role of Level 3 Practitioner at the nursery, where I was quickly appointed ‘Student Representative’ and ‘Apprentice Representative’ due to my keenness to gain more responsibility in the role. Soon after this, it was recommended that I apply for the Senior Practitioner role in the nursery on a Maternity cover basis from August 2016 to September 2017. Here I was promoted into this role permanently and was appointed ‘Health and Safety Rep’ and ‘Customer Service Rep’ in addition to my other representative roles.

I was given the opportunity to step-up to Room Manager at the Nursery and very shortly after this, I was given the opportunity to step-up and support the current Deputy Manager in managing the nursery. During this time I was taught valuable skills in supporting the manager. When the Deputy was promoted to Nursery Manager, a vacancy became available for a Deputy Manager. I applied for the role and was successful!

During my time as Deputy Manager, I was given excellent support and Leadership & Management training as a result of this I was promoted to Nursery Manager of a 104 place hospital-based nursery.

Since taking over the management of Tops Salisbury, I have ensured my setting has remained covid-secure during the Coronavirus pandemic, caring for Key Worker children. I am now currently working towards a Level 5 Diploma. 

I have been working for Tops Day Nurseries for nearly 7 years and in this time have had fantastic progression opportunities, support and training along the way.  I love what Tops Day Nurseries stands for and what we do to support our children, parents and our staff. The company recognise hard work and reward this at every opportunity along with providing support and training along the way to help us all achieve our professional goals; we have regular supervisions with our managers, regular staff meetings and an environment that thrives on hard work and recognition.

The best thing you will ever do is begin your Childcare career with Tops Day Nurseries!”

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