Tops Senior Area Manager an Inspiration!

We’re delighted to announce that our Senior Area Manager for Tops Day Nurseries, Diane Wycherley, has been named as one of the 5 Most Inspirational People in the childcare sector.  The award has come from Nursery Management Today (NMT) in their annual awards.

NMT created the award 2 years ago in a bid to discover and recognise 5 people who are making a significant different to the children and their parents within their care, and are an inspiration to the people who work round them.

Amongst many other strengths, Diane was particularly rewarded for her re-launch of the nursery menus to no added sugar menus.  Diane became a mother herself in 2015 and quickly became aware of the high amount of sugar in prepared meals and the consequent result on children’s health.  Diane designed the new menus based on her research she carried out into sugar content of certain food and the biology of how we process foods in the body, ensuring the children have the right nutrients to develop.  The new menus now have a fully balanced meal plan throughout the day and only use natural sugars that occur in fruit and vegetables.

“I was so proud when I found out I’d been nominated, so to go on and win the award is completely overwhelming,” commented Diane.  “My aim for the menus was and always will be for the children to be living healthier lives, but the reception following the launch has been incredible.  The menus have been embraced by the children, parents and members of staff, with one Cook saying she has rediscovered her love of cooking.”

Cheryl Hadland, Managing Director for Tops Day Nurseries, commented, “Diane has inspired colleagues at Tops in many ways during her career here, juggling her work-life balance brilliantly and now leading a revolution in a healthier diet for not only her own child, but the 2000+ children attending our nurseries.  Without Diane’s research and perseverance to improving the diet of the children, the menus may not have changed so radically. I’m delighted she has been recognised with this award and so proud that she is a part of the Tops Day Nurseries family.”

NMT noted that Diane was chosen as one of the Top 5 as the judges were particularly impressed by the way she has taken on championing healthy eating at Tops Day Nurseries, and has proactively researched the sugar content of the food previously being provided to the children and changed the menus for the benefit of both the children and their families.

To find out more about Tops Day Nurseries you can visit their website, or if you’re interested in working for Tops, visit our Careers page.

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