We don’t use bleach to kill coronavirus at Tops Day Nurseries

In this worrying uncertain time, the safety of our children and colleagues and their families is at the forefront of all our choices in cleaning & hygiene. Bleach exposure is very harmful and can cause irritation in the eyes, mouth, lungs, skin. Children with asthma or low immune systems are particularly susceptible to further breathing problems and serious illness.

“Bleach will kill all bacteria”

Yes this statement is true, but short sighted because removing all bacteria (gram positive & gram negative) will not only lower our immune system but will also remove needed, and necessary bacteria from surfaces and skin, AND damage the environment if it goes down the drain into the water system.  Bleach will taint surfaces with highly poisonous levels of bleach (PPN) which children could digest if they put toys or cutlery into their mouth after contact with any surface exposed to bleach.   Biovation’s positive bacteria are used to help fight off any viruses and boost our natural immune systems. As Biovation products are active, pro-biotic gram-positive bacteria; they digest the dirt, fat & soil without harming any surfaces or creating any short or long-term risks.  So we use, and recommend Biovation, a healthier, more sustainable choice.


“Necessary Sterilising – Cleaning & Protecting”

Adding levels of Gram-positive bacteria to your cleaning and daily routine by using Bio-active cleaning products, and sterilising using full sterilisation (Steridose Plus/Steridose Tabs) gives us the best of both worlds. Safe to use, without the associated risks of bleach or extremely potent chemicals such as caustic powders or caustic sterilisers, with all the benefits of biological cleaning while sterilising only where sterilisation is required.

Biological chemical-free products replace harmful ingredients with those which are bio-based gram positive to biologically decompose fats, oils, grease and grime by turning it into oxygen and other useful substances whilst cleaning.

“The Safest Way – Cleaners Clean & Sterilisers Sterilise”

Cleaning surfaces with a pro-biotic cleaner will increase the levels of Gram Positive bacteria thus boosting our own levels of this needed bacteria. Using necessary sterilisation (sterilising where human contact has been made) with a product like Steridose Plus or Steridose Tabs will leave your surfaces clean (from the biological cleaning) and sterilised without all the associated risks. Steridose tablets or Steridose Plus can be used in conjunction with BioVation products to sterilise (not clean) toys, desks, mats, handles and even babies bottles and dummies (Steridose Tabs only) So, either clean AND sterilise or just sterilise or just clean for the most effective cleaning & hygiene regime for you,


“Final Thought”

Bleaching a surface is not cleaning, and in no way considered a safe way to remove harmful bacteria. Nobody knows if C19 or any Cold, Flu, virus or negative bacteria is present when we clean, but what we do know is all the associated risks with cleaning this way. And the real life implications or dangers involved. There is a safer, greener, more ecological, sustainable way of achieving the same result as a minimum, so we’re using Biovation products, not bleach.


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