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We would like to congratulate Lana Kazlauska on her recent promotion from Management Accountant to Financial Controller at Hadland Care Group.

Prior to joining Hadland Care Group, Lana took part in a student exchange program, moving from Ukraine to Scotland for a year whilst studying for BSc Economics. After achieving her BSc, Lana worked as an accountant for a Ukraine-based international firm.

Lana joined Hadland Care Group in 2008 as an accounts assistant, spending 3 years working alongside the accounts team before being promoted in 2011 to Management Accountant. Her job role covered managing the accounts assistants, supporting early years funding applications, preparing annual budgets for each setting, submitting National statistics surveys and much more.

“The best thing about working for Hadland Care Group is that the company is always changing. As we are expanding, there are changes we need to adapt too. I work closely with both the internal accounts team and external bankers, I have built a great relationship with the people I work with and love the fact I can support them as and when they need it.” 

Lana’s job role will evolve over the next few months, requiring additional staff to take over some of her current job roles. Lana’s new position will cover overseeing debenture covenant compliance, national statistics surveys, debtors’ positions and the extraction of data from company databases. Lana will also be managing monthly accounts and government funding control accounts.

“I look forward to becoming more of a manager, I feel I will be a great support to administrators, managers and other members of the accounts team. This is also a chance for me to identify potential system improvements, and providing support on implementations of the new systems we plan to introduce later in the year.” 

Lana will also be attending operations meetings with the Tops Day Nurseries operations team, discussing balance sheet reviews and agreeing annual budgets.  We wish Lana good luck in her new job role and look forward to the impact she will have on the accounts department.

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