As you settle in, we’ve compiled some essential resources to help you get started. Below, you’ll find useful links to important documents and information that will help you understand our policies, benefits, and guidance.

These resources are designed to support you in your new role, ensuring you have everything you need to thrive within our community. Whether you’re looking for our safeguarding policy, details on your benefits, or guidance specific to your role, you’ll find it all here.

Welcome aboard, and here’s to a successful journey together!



Useful Links for You!


Safeguarding Policy: Tops Day Nursery staff believe all children deserve the opportunity to achieve their full potential and have the right to grow up in an environment safe from harm and exploitation.


Whistleblowing Policy: Our Whistleblowing Policy ensures that if you witness any wrongdoing in the workplace, such as criminal activities or unprofessional conduct by an employer or colleague, you can report it through the appropriate channels!


Pay Day Information: Wages are paid monthly based on the hours colleagues have worked for that month, as scheduled and confirmed by their manager, therefore any queries regarding pay should be directed to line managers in the first instance.


 Inclusivity Policy: This policy covers Equal Opportunities, Diversity, Bullying, Harassment, Complaints, Whistleblowing, and Grievance Policy.


Benefits and Rewards: The Company recognises that colleague’s health and welfare is of the utmost importance. Therefore, we have various benefits and rewards to offer colleagues.


Handbook 2024: Welcome to the colleague handbook, that will be your compass, guiding you through our values, culture and remarkable achievements and history!


Tops Colleague Guidance: Company culture and values are essential to shaping our company’s identity and success.


Guidance for Hub and Agency Colleagues:


For us understanding our Company Culture and Values is key. They define our identity and pave the way for success. Find out more about our Company Culture and Values here.


–  Hub Guidance

Agency Guidance


If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask your line manager. They are here to support you and ensure you have everything you need to succeed! Good luck!