What Are The Benefits of A Flexible Working Week?

At Tops and Aspire we operate flexible working for all of our colleagues, to support and personal or family commitments.  Included in our flexible working arrangements, colleagues have the option to compress their hours, where you have the chance to keep your current contracted hours but to work them over shorter periods to allow an additional day off to spend with family and friends or just have a day-off for yourself.  All flexible working request will be considered in line with our flexible working policy.

But what benefits can flexible working provide employees? Let’s find out.

  1. Job satisfaction: Giving you the freedom to manage your time and tasks increases confidence and sense of ownership over projects.
  2. Work/life balance: The introduction of flexible working strategies is an excellent way to help promote a healthy work-life balance. The Office of National Statistics revealed that over 70% of individuals with children are currently in the workforce. With another one in seven employees being responsible for caring for a family member. Offering flexible working options allows you to balance commitments in your personal lives with the demands of your work life.
  3. Reduces stress and burnout
    A recent Labour Force Survey from Health and Safety Executive shows that over a 12-month period, 15,000,000 days were lost to mental health problems such as stress, depression or anxiety, all caused (or worsened) by work. This makes the offer of flexible working hours, telecommuting or remote working crucial to employee wellbeing.

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