Why Tops and Aspire? Q&A with Rebecca Briggs

Why Tops and Aspire? Well, we spoke to one of our Administrators, Rebecca, to find out why. Rebecca has been working with us since she was 18 years old, she has left to care for her children throughout the years but always found a way back! She gave us some insight into her career progression with us, and why she returned to Tops and Aspire…

“I started at Tops Parkstone when I was 18 as a Level 2 Apprentice, completed my Level 2 & Level 3 Early Years apprenticeships. Justine Saul was my assessor back then. I worked with all the different age groups, and worked my way up from Nursery Apprentice to Nursery Practitioner, Room Supervisor, Nursery Administrator and Relief Manager.  I then moved to HO to work as an administrator under Maria Thomas-Luker (who was also my Manager when I first started as an apprentice), there I gained my Level 3 Business Administration qualification. I left here after having my youngest child and needing to concentrate on caring for her. In January 2017 I was approached by Training Manager, Donna Burt (who had also completed her early years apprenticeship alongside me at Tops Parkstone) regarding becoming an Early Years Assessor.  I started with Aspire in January 2017 and quickly gained my assessors award and also my AET (Award in Education & Training), I covered nurseries in the Dorset area.  An administration role became available at the Aspire office which I took up, overseeing the SERCO contract.  I took over the main Apprenticeship Administrator role in February 2020 and have been doing this role ever since, taking on a qualified administrator and Level 2 apprentice along the way. I left at various points between when I first started and when I came back, to pursue a career in accounts and to concentrate on caring for my children.”

How have Tops and Aspire supported your continuous career development?

“Aspire have always support me throughout my time with them, as mentioned above I have gained my assessors award, AET, Level 2 Certificate in Customer Service, Level 2 Certificate in Information & Guidance and many other short Online Bitesize courses.  They have encouraged and supported the changes in job roles.”

What made you return to Tops and Aspire?

“I always found working within the Tops/Aspire family to be enjoyable.  When the opportunity came up to become an assessor I knew I would be fully support to gain my assessors qualification whilst working and learning the new role.  The idea of working with familiar faces again was also very appealing.”

What, in your opinion, are the benefits of working for the family?

“Training opportunities, friendly and supportive team, flexible working opportunities.”

Have things changed since you first started? If so, what?

“Yes, I now work from home, the ability to do this has meant I have been able to keep my job.  Had I not have been able to and this change hadn’t been implemented then I am pretty certain that I would have had to give my job up due to the issues that the pandemic presented over the last 2 years what with having a young family.”


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