World Mental Health Day – The importance of a quality job

There is nothing better than working in a company with a good work environment that inspires and motivates you to be better every day and of course to achieve its objectives, unfortunately, this is difficult to achieve and there are many factors involved within the same companies for this to happen.

A work team with good goals (challenging but not impossible) good communication, adequate motivation, and, effective work mechanics can achieve everything, without that emotional wear and tear that is so detrimental in the short and long term.

If we consider that most of our time and our lives are dedicated to work and business, then a high percentage of responsibility for promoting mental health falls on the organizations themselves and the trust they place in their leaders.


There are many causes but here are some of them (to avoid):

-Impossible goals

-Excessive or disproportionate workloads

-High stress and constant changes in priorities

-High number of firefights and signal changes

-Psychological harassment from bosses or collaborators

-Anxiety and depression due to external issues

-All this causes the now famous “Burnout” that is becoming more frequent among employees and has major consequences for productivity and the work environment.



Today’s leaders must ensure that their work team has peace of mind when on duty and in the office (or home office as such).

Here are some recommendations that I am sure help to make this possible.

-Active listening and empathy on the part of the leaders – Be aware of the emotional reactions of the collaborators and their personal situation (inside and outside the company)

-Empowerment and trust in the team – I consider this basic for any organization

-Implement a Change Management or continuous programs to improve the work environment and perception – to know the situation and implement the required changes

-Improved business communication – better communications for the entire organization by leaders

-Communication on results – everyone should know if the objectives are being met or if something needs to be modified



Creating the right conditions and the right environment for employees to develop and do their best work is much more profitable in the long run than constant staff turnover, finally, Tops Day Nurseries and Aspire Training Team are formed with people and grow with them.

Here at Tops Day Nurseries and Aspire Training team, we want colleagues to feel valued, rewarded, and celebrated. We want to ensure our team are supported personally and professionally by giving them all the necessary tools to provide outstanding care to children and learners.

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