Food Waste Recycling Scheme

Tops Day Nurseries and Reside Care Homes are delighted to announce a pilot scheme to recycle food waste instead of putting it in general waste.  Starting on February 13th with the waste used to provide heat and energy, as well as fertiliser for farmers.  We will be working with Eco Food Recycling teaching practical food recycling in the nurseries to the children as well as doing the recycling in both the nursery and care home kitchens. After the 3-month initial trial, we expect to spread the practice to the other 17 day nurseries – becoming greener every day!

This project was brought to the attention of Cheryl Hadland, the Managing Director of Hadland Care Group by Ben Taylor, an apprentice at Eco Food Recycling. Ben produced an excellent presentation on Anaerobic Food Recycling (as part of his coursework) which was forwarded to Cheryl by his training assessor at Aspire Training Team. Cheryl then invited Ben to present to herself and the Commercial Director, Jeff Everett. The result was a new business relationship – and food waste recycling starting in February 2017.

Cheryl said “I was very impressed by the powerpoint presentation that Aspire sent through, and even more impressed after listening to Ben deliver his message.  This is a wonderful example of an apprentice being engaged and stepping up to the mark, supported by a great assessor and excellent employer. I’m delighted to be able to take their proposal forward as well so that our company becomes greener. This is a great role model for our children and colleagues.  I think if we can’t use all the food we buy we should be recycling it, whether at home or at work.  We will also become more aware of how much food we throw away through this process, which I hope will, in turn, help us adjust what we buy, perhaps reduce our general waste collections, and possibly even saving money which would be great too.”

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