Get Fit Without Exercise

Getting fit without exercise means getting the health benefits from being physically active without doing physical activity for the deliberate purpose of benefitting your health.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to get fit without any sort of movement, but the good news is you can get lots of health benefits just by building extra activity into your day-to-day life.

The biggest challenge we face is living in an environment where we can exist with barely any need to be physically active. Until a couple of generations ago the concept of exercise didn’t exist in the consciousness of the average man or woman in the street, and yet the problems with people putting on weight over recent years appear entirely due to us expending less energy in our daily lives. There are more ways to exercise than ever before and yet we are still less active than our non-exercising predecessors.

So unlike the previous generations who were active as a matter of course, we now have to find the time and motivation to be active within lives busier than ever, juggling work, families and many other commitments.

For a lot of people finding the time and motivation will always be difficult, and for this reason it is critical we build more activity into everyday life, seizing opportunities to be active whenever we can.

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