Keeping an Exercise Diary

Keeping an exercise diary is a fantastic way of recording your activity levels to see how your fitness is improving over time, as well as being a great motivator. You can include as much or as little information as you like, dependent on your training needs and goals.

It might also be a good idea to include how you were feeling before and after exercise and how activities influence your mood, stress levels and motivation.

Below is an example exercise diary for general fitness:

WEEK 1 Cardiovascular Exercise Strength Exercise Stretching Exercise Notes
Sunday Type Time Exercise Weight Repetitions Hard work motivating myself today. Found the workout difficult, but glad I did it!
X-trainer 10 minutes Squats 10 kg 3 x 12
Running 10 minutes Bicep curls 5 kg 3 x 12
Bike 15 minutes Tricep curls 7.5 kg 3 x 12
Monday Type Time
Walking 25 minutes
Tuesday Type Time Squats 10 kg 3 x 12 Yoga Class Felt much less stressed
Lunges 10 kg 3 x 12
Wednesday Type Time Bicep curls 5 kg 3 x 12 Was tired beforehand, but swimming really woke me up

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