Meet Hadland Care Group’s award winning Recruitment Admin Apprentice…

Meet Hadland Care Group’s Recruitment Admin Apprentice and the winner of Aspire’s ‘Hall of Fame.’

So what’s Aspire’s Hall of Fame all about…

At the start of every month, each employer with an Apprentice provided by the Aspire Training Team are contacted and given the chance to nominate one of their learners. Once the nominations have been received, a winner is selected. This learner will be awarded a gift and ‘Hall of Fame’ certificate.

I’m delighted to announce for the month of December, this was awarded to our very own Jasmine Williams!

“Jasmine Williams started with Hadland Care Group on 15th November as the Recruitment Admin Apprenticeship to support myself with Recruitment. Jasmine has fitted in really well in the team. She always comes into work with a big smile and has a positive outlook. Jasmine takes thorough notes during training, which she then re writes to help her remember. During the day she gets on with her work and if she is unsure she will ask. I am delighted to have Jasmine as part of the team and she has been a great help.”

Laura Venables, Recruitment Coordinator – Hadland Care Group

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