Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 – What We Do

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event when there is an opportunity for the whole of the UK to focus on achieving good mental health. The Mental Health Foundation started the event 21 years ago. Each year the Foundation continues to set the theme, organise and host the week. The event has grown to become one of the biggest awareness weeks across the UK and globally.

This year the theme is loneliness. Loneliness is affecting more and more of us in the UK and has had a huge impact on our physical and mental health during the pandemic. Our connection to other people and our community is fundamental to protecting our mental health and we need to find better ways of tackling the epidemic of loneliness. We can all play a part in this.

Here’s just some of what we do at Tops and Aspire to support our colleagues mental wellbeing:

  • Our employees are entitled to 6 free counselling sessions per year
  • Yoga therapy may be a better fit for some! We also offer this as an alternative to the counselling route.
  • We have a colleague trust fund. Those in times of financial hardship can apply to the trust for funds to help support colleagues in tough times.
  • And much more…

You can see all of our family benefits here. 

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