Petition: Prioritise teachers, school and childcare staff for Covid-19 vaccination

Advice from the JCVI on the priority groups for a Covid-19 vaccine does not include school/childcare workers. This petition calls for these workers, who cannot distance or use PPE, to be kept safe at work by being put on the vaccine priority list when such a list is adopted into government policy.

A petition has been launched calling for teachers, school and childcare staff to be prioritised for Covid-19 Vaccinations. Including these educators and supporting staff will also prove beneficial for the community.

By having vaccinated educators, children and their families will be provided with more protection against the spread of the virus. It could also reduce the chance of settings being closed for 2 weeks and working parents having to take time off work particularly for NHS workers having to stay at home with children who are isolating due to closures.

Allowing colleagues to be vaccinated will ensure continuity of education for children and allow schools to return to normality faster, having a positive impact on children’s mental health.

So far, the petition has over 128,000 signatures, meaning Parliament will consider this for a debate.  To show your support for the early years and education sector, please sign the petition by clicking here.

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