A Plastic Ocean – The Screening

Hadland Green Foundation Presented the Award Winning Documentary A PLASTIC OCEAN on 18th January 2017.

A PLASTIC OCEAN follows an international team of adventurers, researchers and ocean ambassadors on a mission around the globe. This award-winning documentary shows the devastating effects of our disposable lifestyle on marine life and the consequences for human health.

They then reveal the shocking truth about what is truly lurking beneath the ocean’s surface, with more than 8 million tonnes of plastic dumped into our oceans each year.

The film focusses on the human impact we have had on the oceans across the globe. With 80% of plastic in the ocean coming from land-based sources. Highlighting the ‘break up’ of plastics being transformed into microplastics which are then consumed and ingested by all marine mammals and seabirds.

During its four-year production period, A PLASTIC OCEAN was filmed in 20 locations around the world, documenting the global effects of plastic pollution and introducing workable technology and policy solutions that can, if implemented in time, change things for the better.

Visitor Adrian Hopper was at the screening and said “I wanted to say thanks to you and the team for you putting on such a thought provoking event. As someone who is a keen diver, it was a shock to see just how bad the situation is in the oceans!”

And Sarah Selby from The Imagery UK Tweeted “The film #APlasticOcean was amazing and inspiring. Let’s create #AWaveofChange

A Plastic Ocean
Cheryl Hadland & David Jones

The screening was followed by a discussion with David Jones from A Plastic Ocean where a good number of the audience participated in a positive debate. This included topics regarding consumer led initiatives with increased recycled methods through to government-led policy regarding microbeads.

Hadland Green Foundation has been set up as registered charity which has been renamed to GECCO (Green Education to the Community Coalition) to provide education to Preschools, Schools and Businesses across the United Kingdom. Educating them on how to be more environmentally conscious about the consumption and disposal of everyday items (e.g. electricity, plastic) in ways which are harmful to the environment, in all its forms. Through expert research and education GECCO aims to build the awareness necessary to help change bad habits and encourage investment in ‘greener’ practices.

A PLASTIC OCEAN will be released on iTunes (order your copy here: http://apple.co/2jYWTu9) and other online movie platforms starting January 20, 2017.

Website: http://www.plasticoceans.org

For further information and research material from David Jones, please see http://www.justoneocean.com/

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