Tops Sponsor Green Awards

Tops Day Nurseries sponsored the “Sustainable Business of the Year” award at the Southern Sustainability Partnership Gala Dinner at the Italian Villa on 27th November, and were delighted to announce the winners as 918 Coffee Co.


Cheryl Hadland, Founder of Tops Day Nurseries, and the winners of the Dorset Sustainable Business Awards last year,  had 5 wonderful finalists to choose from but chose the Coffee Co. from Dorchester because they embodied a company really trying to help their community by actually being waste negative – they have considered every part of their business, sourcing sustainably and ethically, and ensuring they not only use their own waste from coffee grinding,  but also support customers to return or use theirs also, definitely taking responsibility for everything in their possible influence, I was very impressed.

The other finalists were The Embroidery Barn, providing more eco-friendly embroidery than most, making uniforms from recycled materials and posting items out in paper that is oxo-degradable.

Envocopy Paper use efficient paper alternatives such as wheat straw and sugarcane and wild grass fibres blended together, saving thousands of trees, and saving 38% of the carbon footprint compared to more traditional materials.

Mittal Kothari is an individual with an engineering background.  She is making great steps forward in recovering others plastic and plastic materials and recycling them to prevent them ending up in landfill.

Damers School are making eco changes through their school and publicising their actions widely to encourage others to do the same.

Cheryl said “I love the fact that all these organisations are trying to reduce their impact on the environment, every little thing we all do will help our children, and their children, enjoy a healthy and sustainable environment long after we have gone.  We have a responsibility to do what we can to encourage each other to act responsibly, we have to act now and not wait for legislation or large companies to get their act together because climate change and pollution of our water, air, and land is here now.

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