52 Improvements, 52 weeks: Week 10 – Longer breaks

All colleagues working over 6.25 hours are entitled to a 30 minute, unpaid lunch break. As a company who value their colleagues, we would like to introduce more flexibility in this by offering you the opportunity to apply for extended breaks.

Whether you need to pop out to walk your dog, have carer responsibilities at home, want to get lunch in a cafe that always has a queue or just because you feel for your own wellbeing you would like a longer lunch break, then you can apply for longer breaks and if it is possible, this will be agreed.

For Tops colleagues, you will need to ensure with your line manager that cover can be arranged, so that ratios can be maintained, in order for you to take an extended lunch break.

Every effort will be made to give you the opportunity to take an extended lunch break.

For all other colleagues, it’s very easy to arrange an extended lunch break just liaise with your line manager to put the agreement into place. This doesn’t have to be fixed and can vary daily depending on your needs.

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