52 Improvements, 52 weeks: Week 25 – Sustainable Travel Plans

Travelling to work can be expensive on your pocket and costly for the planet too. We are delighted to have implemented new, sustainable travel plans for colleagues to establish the most sustainable way to get to work. Please click here to view the plans for each setting.


Over the past couple of months, we have been working hard to produce a travel plan for every setting to help you to make informed choices for your pocket, your health and safety, and the planet.  There are advantages and disadvantages to every method, but if you look on your travel plan you will see:

  • All the bus routes and local bus stops – and did you know that you can have a company loan to help you with buying a bus pass and pay it off over the year to save you money?
  • All the local train stations and the route from the train station to work – train pass as above.
  • A map with all your colleagues home addresses marked on them – so you might share cars and lifts.  We won’t hand out the actual addresses without your permission, but if you spot someone close to you, you can ask your manager who that is and your manager will then ask that person if he/she is happy to speak with you.  You might be able to half your travel costs – but your start and end times will need coordinating or one of you might have to wait a bit.  The map will be generated from EYMAN, and printed out from time to time for a noticeboard in the staff room or office.

Plus, your manager or administrator has identified where we need to provide bike parking, more secure bike parking, lockers, and even showers. We hope these improvements will encourage more colleagues to walk or cycle to work and these are on sysaid to be done this year.

What we aren’t doing is subsidising car parking – because ideally we’d rather you don’t drive in to work, and certainly not on your own because of air pollution and climate change.

Did you know that if you give a colleague a lift to a course that you can claim expenses, and if your car is electric you will make a huge profit as you can claim 45p per mile against running costs of about 4p a mile – so anyone doing a lot of short distance travelling, do consider an electric car, and we will even help by providing electric charge points at work if we can (some sites already have them).


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