52 improvements, 52 weeks: Week 38 – Suggestion boxes

This year we have conducted a number of survey’s asking you for your opinions, ideas, and suggestions.

We were so pleased to be able to introduce an extra days holiday and 1-week full sick pay for a serious illness following one of our colleague surveys. Both of these incentives were launched as part of our 52 improvements over 52 weeks 2019.

As we now move towards the end of 2019 we really would like you to continue to make your suggestions and share your feedback and ideas.

To ensure you can do this and you don’t need to wait until you are asked we are introducing ‘Colleague Suggestion Boxes’ in all staff rooms. All we would like to ask is if you have an idea or suggestion you jot it down and pop it in the suggestion box.

Each manager will check the box monthly and share your suggestions with the appropriate people, all your ideas and suggestions will be read so please do share them.

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