Fairness and Inclusion at Hadland Care Group

An internally conducted Colleague Survey measured over 200 colleague responses to find out more about the workforce that drives Hadland Care Group, the umbrella company for Aspire Training Team and Tops Day Nurseries.

An important part of the survey considered employee perception of fairness and inclusion at work.

We are delighted that 99% of our colleagues agreed that their culture and beliefs are respected at Hadland Care Group. We strive to be an inclusive company, and believe that every single person deserves the right to a safe, happy workplace. Our efforts to make sure all of our team is given the same opportunities has been noted, and commended, by 95% of our colleagues!

As part of an inclusive policy, we do not tolerate bullying, or discrimination in any form. It is fantastic to hear that 97% of our colleagues are confident in stating that they have not experienced any form of discrimination or harassment at work. The unfortunate few that told us they had, were confident in who to reach out to for support.

We have an extensive support system at Hadland Care Group, with open routes of communication to support with any issue- we firmly believe that a problem shared, is a problem solved!

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