How Will the EOT Affect Me?

In April 2024, Tops Day Nurseries and Aspire Training Team embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning into an Employee-Owned Trust (EOT).  Amidst the excitement of this transformative change, it’s natural for questions to surface. To address these enquiries and offer clarity, we’ve developed a series of insightful blogs aimed at addressing some of the most common queries, one of the main questions is ‘How will the EOT affect me?’.

We have divided this question into different questions ensuring you receive the most informative responses.

Do I have to do anything about the changes?

No, you don’t have to do anything, all the changes that occur for the EOT will be undertaken by the Board of Directors and legal team.

Will the EOT affect my pension?

No, the EOT will not affect your pension, auto-enrolment, payments and contributions and pension provider will remain the same.

How does it affect me?

Arguably it is safer, no job is 100% secure but in an EOT business, long term sustainability is key.

How does this impact my Terms and Conditions, and will new job contracts be issued?

No change to Terms and Conditions; no new contracts. There will be a minor update to the Handbook on becoming a Co-owner.

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