Team and Management at Hadland Care Group

An internally conducted Colleague Survey measured over 200 colleague responses to find out more about the workforce that drives Hadland Care Group.

One area of the Colleague Survey focused on the relationship between management and colleagues, and the effectiveness of the management as part of the team.

At Hadland Care Group, the umbrella company for Aspire Training Team and Tops Day Nurseries, we know that an communication is the key to an effective team. Over 90% of colleagues told us that they understand what is expected of them in their job role. They knew what they were working towards, and how their performance would be evaluated.

We know that there is always something new we can learn, and something else we can strive to improve. At Hadland, we are never complacent with our performance and always strive to further ourselves. As such, a high majority (85%) of colleagues say they have regular feedback meetings with their manager.

90% of these agree that this feedback contributes ideas and suggestions to their success, and that it is definitely not a one way process- we all know that progress requires input from both parties. As such, it is wonderful to know that 90% of colleagues say that their manager is approachable, and that they have confidence in their manager’s decisions.

At Hadland Care Group, we believe in being a team. Over 80% of our colleagues agree that they feel like a valued team member and say that they can rely on other colleagues to fulfil their individual roles and work together well.

The Colleague Survey also asked for suggestions on how to improve their working environment, or to further the objectives of the company. We had so many new ideas come in, and many have already been implemented. It’s great to see that 94% of colleagues agree that new ideas are actively encouraged… as they are!

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